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Trevor Jacques portraitHello. I'm Trevor Jacques.

I'm an information analyst and data architect with a passion for excellence and integrity; in particular, how they work together to create long-term business sustainability and improvement in quality of life. I have over thirty years of experience in technology from a career that is both wide and deep. It has included work in field seismology in England and Africa; avionics, infra-red sensing, and computer systems engineering in England and Canada; director of marketing and technical support for a database company in Canada and the U.S.; and Chief Information Officer for a Toronto fitness equipment manufacturer; and development and sales of a meta-data driven web survey tool. I'm also interested in sexual health education and research, where I've authored and published a best selling safety manual.

You can find details of the skills I've picked up in my career by using the menus above.

If I'm not home, you'll likely find me on water, on blades, or on skis.

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