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  • B. Sc. (Physics), Associate of the Royal College of Science (A.R.C.S.), Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, England.
  • Pursuing research doctorate (Maimonides University, Florida).

Professional Affilliations

  • Associate Member of The Institute of Physics.
  • Associate Member of The Royal College of Science.
  • Member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

Professional Development

  • Pursuing research doctorate in sexology (Maimonides University, Florida). Performed anonymous survey of visitors to web site to determine the breakdown of interests of people visiting site. Study forms basis of research conducted at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, my doctoral research, and other research.
  • Object-Oriented (OO) Requirements Analysis (Peter Coad for Technology Training Corporation), now known as ‘Together’ by Borland.
  • Software Requirements and Specifications (Integrated Computer Systems).
  • CMS2-M (Sperry-Univac).
  • Display Systems (University of Michigan).
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